google prolly has a few ; just haven't looked hard enough
  1. Why is the past tense of "scoot" "scooted" and not "scought/scott"?
    A legitimate concern of mine since grade 5
  2. Is the past tense of "blow dry" "blow dried" or "blew dry"?
    Why do I have so many issues with past tense?
  3. Why is a herd of moose still called "moose" instead of "mooses" or "meese"?
    Can't be the only one
  4. What existed before the Big Bang?
    I have yet to find a satisfying answer to this
  5. Why did God allow Avatar to be made?
    Mistake of the century
  6. Why is it called a donut hole if it's literally just a ball of donut?
    I get why it's called that, but by itself, it's the opposite of a hole. This topic deeply upsets me
  7. Is it a donut if it doesn't have a hole? Or is it just a donut hole?
    Why do I care so much about the technicalities of donuts?
  8. Why don't planes board window seat first?
    Would save lots of awkward butt-in-face and face-in-butt moments. Plus, I don't like strangers telling me they're sorry. I feel obligated to overcompensate their apology with a newborn puppy. Or my firstborn child
  9. If it isn't delivery or DiGiorno, what is it?
  10. Does my mom reuse the scoop in the laundry detergent, or does a new one come with each box?
    Suggested by @natahathan