please save me from this hell
  1. I'm so hungry/tired/stressed
  2. shhhhhhh
  3. oh fuck
  4. who missed their set change?!?
  5. what even is this show?
  6. why am I even important in this show? I literally have one line.
  7. oh god no
  8. Dionysus/Thespis be with our show
  9. that sucked
  10. is my makeup/hair/costume okay?
  11. where is my eyeliner?
  12. how do you think that scene went?
  13. how many people are out in the house?
  14. literally kill me thanks
  15. thank god
  16. no don't do that
  17. no please stop
  18. are you serious?
  19. do you need help?
  20. does anyone have any makeup wipes?
  21. where did my pants go?
  22. do you have Bobby pins I could borrow?
  23. you're so sweet thank you
  24. PLACES!
  25. thank you places.
  26. please hurry up I'm going to cry
  27. do I have enough time to pee?
  28. there's more than one entrance
  29. I can't believe this
  30. oh great
  31. what are they doing?
  32. can you please just help me thanks I'm actually dead
  33. food
  34. do we get fed today?
  35. can I have another slice?
  36. okay but have you seen my script?
  37. shit that's not supposed to go there
  38. that was so good
  39. thank you
  40. break a leg!
  41. great job guys!
  42. that went so great!
  43. can't wait to shower this gel out of my hair..