All of the crushes I've had in chronological order
  1. okay, so, I know there are supposed to be no names but, the first guy I fell hard for was the Pillsbury Doughboy, I mean, how could you not, right?
  2. black hair, really cute, really kind, kinda popular, had a girlfriend, told me no in a polite way, just kinda nice but he grew up to be really popular and kind of a jerk
  3. really thin and tan, brown hair, thought I was weird for liking the Rolling Stones, didn't like me back, I wonder how he's doing now
  4. really pale, black hair, average weight, super tall, very into reading and writing, very kind, he moved away and I haven't talked to him since
  5. thin, white, black spiky hair, very popular, Hispanic, very funny, very cute, didn't really notice me
  6. dark-skinned fellow, very thin, kind of a jerk to me, called me fat, he's apparently gay now
  7. tall, chubby, blonde guy that was like the meme lord, he made me laugh, he wanted to take me to Europe with him, he wanted to be serious with me and I didn't want to be serious with him, he was kind of like my twin
  8. tall, thin, blonde, pimples, loves dubstep, and we have similar hobbies, loves reading, really nerdy, I was into him, he wasn't into me really, just kind of a quick crush
  9. Hispanic, funny, black curly hair, he's very cute and just a great and positive person to be around
  10. black hair, kinda chubby, a little bit older than me, what a nerd, a cute nerd, kind of a jerk around big groups of people, really kind and caring around me, made me laugh, we have nicknames, we both have similar hobbies, he just makes me happy and sad at the same time, and he's taken.