another request 💖
  1. do something crazy weird at school without getting caught
  2. ditch one day
  3. tryout for the volleyball team
  4. earn a cappie award
  5. tell my crush how I feel
  6. bring blankets to school and have a picnic with friends
  7. visit a different country
  8. go on a cruise
  9. get a job
  10. candlelight with nph
  11. prom where the theme is "a night under the stars"
  12. hang out with friends right after school
  13. get a senior parking spot and paint it
  14. cut my hair short
  15. dye my hair crazy colors
  16. try acrylic nails
  17. go to sweet 16 parties
  18. lose weight
  19. get into my favorite college
  20. have a crazy last day of senior year