1. Theatre People
    the theatre friends are the best friends sometimes. they are loud, charismatic, friendly, and willing. you become a family with your cast and you spend most of your time with them rather than at your own house. they're just so funny and great and giving.
  2. My Current Best Friend Group
    Amara, Alexis, Amanda, Michaela, Rhianna, Alyssa, Melanie, Bryanna, and Sonia. they're all so positive and smart and giving and caring and just are so happy and accepting and I love them. they love nature and positivity and picnics and Starbucks and friends and they're my favorites. sorry if I missed some :/
  3. My Other Best Friends Not Apart of the Other Group Mentioned Before
    LaVonne and Grace. they're sweet and smart. we don't talk much but when we do, they care about you and you care about them. they are so intelligent and creative.
  4. Choir Buddies
    All of them are so musically talented and they're also another family group that you spend lots of time with. they're all very kind within our group and I love how they work together well.