here's just some things I learned from my friends and family that are important..
  1. wash wash wash your face
  2. eat food. not a lot, but, get in your daily needs of protein and fiber
  3. don't listen to negative things people say to you
  4. don't hang with people that are rude to you, aren't nice, do bad things, and you don't really like
  5. go out and be happy. you're only young for so long.
  6. listen to other genres of music.
  7. get involved in a hobby that you're interested in.
  8. never put yourself down. you're more than what you say you are worth.
  9. speak out and don't be shy. people don't know what you want unless you say it.
  10. if someone doesn't like something you like, that's okay.
  11. but, if they try and tell you that you shouldn't do something that makes you happy, they're not true friends.
  12. just tell people how you feel.
  13. study study study study study.
  14. drink a bunch of water and stay hydrated.
  15. wear clothes that you like.
  16. just live life to the absolute fullest.