1. That's he's my best friend and has been for 7 years
  2. That he looks like a miniature German shepherd and sometimes talks like a husky
  3. The way he loves his stuffed animals before pulling all their stuffing out
  4. The way he cleans himself like a cat
  5. How gingerly he takes treats
  6. That's he looks like a wolf/fox/coyote/hyena/deer/German shepherd hybrid
  7. But is actually a German shepherd/husky/jack Russell/beagle mix
  8. That he thinks he's a 1940s movie atar
  9. That the mastiff down the street is intimidated by him
  10. That he sleeps in my bed and acts like he owns it and takes up more space than is physically possible
  11. How excited he gets when he gets a new toy
  12. How much he loves new people