I just start songzaging and i found great song that i 1) used to listen 2) I've never heard before 3) i know the band but i didn't know the song existence
  1. Keane
    Specially when i used to hate it because I feel that was music for old people. Now that I'm more "mature" i think they are pretty good. Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't want to accept it
  2. Beach House
    I used to listen to couple songs that i found on YouTube and songza. Now i can listen to their whole albums without getting bored. They are just great. And now that i live in baltimore. I feel they make the perfect soundtrack for this "charm city"
  3. Fleet Foxes
    I used to listen to them just when i was like "outdoors". But, I figured out that they work great as soundtrack when you are busy and you are walking faster and classy. Also, my sister loves them (she's six years old) because she keeps thinking that is Rock for princess in the medieval times. She actually thinks that is Rapunzel's favorite band.
  4. Youth Lagoon
    Because you feel epic at every time, everywhere.