1. J. Crew (Promenade & Rockefeller Center)
    This was a time when I spent a lot of money on colored corduroys and tankinis.
  2. Pie by the Pound
    This was a pizza place that sold slices of pizza by their weight. They played Beck's album "Guero" on repeat for the entire 6 months I worked there.
  3. Assistant to a Potter (my parent's friend)
    This mostly consisted of driving to Loehmanns and returning blouses.
  4. Vamp
    This was a horrible boutique in the East Village where I got caught downloading a Liz Phair song illegally on to the store desktop.
  5. Huckleberry
    Per their rule, we were allowed to eat all of the broken/cracked pastry. While I worked there, I gained 11 pounds.
  6. Four Winds Westward Ho
    Best job in the entire world ever at my old sleep away camp. I worked there for four summers. When I graduated college I went back that summer as a "barn instructor"...
  7. Kay and Dave's (Brentwood & Pacific Palisades)
    While I was allowed all of the free burritos I wanted at this Mexican restaurant, I spent the majority of time doing to-go utensil wrap ups.