1. Got upset about my dad changing the radio settings I had made in his car in 2004.
  2. Reset my dad's car radio settings to include 101.1, 103.5 and 104.3.
  3. Inspired by the cover of a cookbook, bought the ingredients for a Mediterranean style baked egg boat. ** This project was abandoned shortly after the ingredients were bought.
  4. Used my dad's deodorant.
  5. Considered using the barbecue several times, without knowledge of how to use it and without materials to barbecue.
  6. Tried to hook up a printer I found in the downstairs closet only to find that Brother DCP-7030 was not compatible with my computer.
  7. Pocketed stationary for future "thank you" notes I most likely will not write.
  8. Used the "nice" olive oil.
  9. Used a NordicTrack.