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  1. TO WHOM is Caroline engaged 3 years in the future????????????????????
  2. WHY is it NOT STEFAN SALVATORE??????????????????
But love to admit
  1. Once I ate an entire box of cookies to avoid putting it away in the pantry
    From the days when I loved chewy chips ahoy!
  2. I once had two hamsters and one was a psychopath who murdered the other
    I'm not so sure what happened to him but I'm fairly certain we released him into the wild after that
  3. Britney Spears taught me the word "prerogative"
Uncomfortable places I have been
  1. The back seat of a shared taxi cab with my parents and 2 middle aged white couples
    They spoke about baseball and music and bars, and the cab driver was genuinely surprised when I paid because he forgot us brownies were even there
  2. An annual town Oyster Festival, where all the white people on the island congregate
    and a (my) lone brown family is glared at while eating funnel cake
  3. The airport
    Where I have been yelled at for having my hands in my pockets.......
  4. School, being thought of as the awkward hijabi
    But mostly because I carry around a giant butt cushion for my tailbone pressure sore. Not everyone is racist, duh
Unfortunately something I do best
  1. Breakfast. Is microwaving the oatmeal worth the effort?
  2. School. Will I ever understand EKGs and heart murmurs..... Stay tuned
  3. My mom
  4. Siri. Does she not like me????? She never answers my questions with anything other than "Interesting question, Sahar."