1. The iPhone 7 is a great improvement upon all previous models, despite not having a headphone jack.
  2. Battery life in each model has been improved to last as much as two hours more even though there is no headphone jack.
  3. Optical image stabilization is now standard for better lowlight photography which is amazing considering there is no headphone jack.
  4. The iPhone 7 is water and dust resistant, making it the most durable iPhone to date. The headphone jack was removed.
  5. The visual design of the phone remains the same especially when the phone is in a case. The only way people would be able to tell is when they diddle the bottom of the phone as they normally do and notice that the headphone jack is gone.
  6. A new wider color gamut makes colors on the screen and from the camera richer and there is no headphone jack.
  7. The new Jet Black color scratches more easily because it, like other colors in the lineup, does not have a headphone jack.
  8. Call quality is probably fine but nobody actually speaks on the phone anymore and how could they when they are most likely distraught to the point of catatonia after being forced to use a castrated phone with no headphone jack.