Some things I've read or have been reading the past couple of months and have really enjoyed
  1. Misdirecting the Play by Terry McCabe
    A great book for upcoming directors. Terry uses anecdotes of past productions he's worked on to break down the many mistakes new directors tend to make. 7/10
  2. Guards at the Taj by Rajiv Joseph
    A hilarious play about friendship, beauty, and India in the 1600's. 6/10
  3. Prodigal Son by John Patrick Shanley
    A deeply intelligent play of contemporary realism. This play depicts the story of a young man, Jim from the Bronx moving to a catholic school. Though he's always been hated by teachers and principals, one teacher finally seems to see him for what he is- despite the principals derision towards him, and his constant goal to get Jim kicked out of his school. 9/10
  4. Photograph 51 by Anna Ziegler
    Another play, this is a tragically sad piece, it's a true story about the race discover the DNA's double helix. Smart, fast, and an intriguing narrative style I've never seen before. 8/10
  5. Doubt: A Parable by John Patrick Shanley
    Another piece by Shanley; undoubtedly his best work. This is a story about a Catholic middle school and the rumors that fly between a priest, two sisters, and a student. This show leaves the audience with- well, doubt. 10/10
  6. To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday by Michael Brady
    I've only just started this piece, but the dialogue is smart, the characters rich with history and connection, and the ensemble play is lovely. I can already tell I'm going to cry. 7/10
  7. How to Stop Acting by Harold Guskin
    This book was recommended to me by an actor friend of mine. Harold Guskin is one of the highest regarded acting coaches of our generation; this book breaks down his masterful approach of breathing in the text and using everything the playwright gives you. 9/10