My home state. I visit too often and it makes my heart hurt due to nostalgia and comfort food.
  1. In the summer it gets dark around 9:30
    They must have gotten daylight savings time wrong or something.
  2. Stores don't sell alcohol on Sundays
    This is actually awful, but the scramble to find something to drink before HBO's Sunday night lineup exciting.
  3. Nothing's doing.
  4. Everything is relatively inexpensive.
    And there is so much of it.
  5. The smell.
  6. Cornfed bros in sleeveless t-shirts and basketball shirts.
    I don't know.
  7. Purdue University
    I went to college there and frequently daydream about going back and teaching or just moving in with all the townies I've grown to envy and reverie.
  8. My mother lives there.
    With her seven cats, who I like to varying degrees.
  9. Midwestern Power Drinking.
  10. Wide open spaces.
  11. Many people.
    People who I love and who smile when they see me.
  12. Leaving.
    The airport has a Chick-Fil-A.