Underrated Denzel Washington flick, uses time travel as an allegory for Post Katrina New Orleans
  1. When the guy who plays Chandler's mad roommate Eddy in Friends signals that more power is needed to power the time machine by saying "more cowbell".
    Because an SNL reference always goes down well.
  2. When Denzel Washington has a car chase with four-days-ago Jim Caviezel and specifically the split second where there eyes meet, suggesting a confluence between the world view of the film and Everettian theories on the presence of parallel universes.
  3. When the beautiful girl also owns a cat.
    Because I'm essentially a very simple man.
  4. When the nerds are gathered round the time machine sweeping the camera whilst looking back in time, like it ain't no thing, because nothing impresses nerds. Literally nothing.
  5. When they find a body being eaten by an alligator in a bayou swamp.
  6. When you realise that the movie is made post 9/11 and is a Hollywood blockbuster and the villain is still a white guy who's described in no uncertain terms as a terrorist.
  7. Any bit where there's jazz playing. Because New Orleans.
  8. The very last bit where Denzel Washington gets deja vu. Best final shot of any movie.