Got a lot of feelings about this movie.
  1. When Tim Blake Nelson has to move his hot plate of eggs to open the big vault of imprisoned people
  2. When Colin Farrell punches his hand real hard to communicate anger upon seeing that Tom Cruise is just getting away from him in a brand new Lexus.
  3. When Tom Cruise goes to try and eat the nice sandwich and glass of water after his eye operation, but instead eats the disgusting sandwich and washes it down with gone-off milk. Proper uh-oh spaghetti-ohs moment.
  4. The split second after the timer beeps when Tom Cruise waits before killing Leo Crow, thus PROVING the fallibility of pre-crime as it suggests the murder wasn't pre-determined, that Cruise wanted to do it.
  5. When Tom Cruise sends his assistant to get a sandwich and he says "yeah, might get some pie too", or words to that effect. Suggests Cruise is a nice guy to work for.
  6. When the weird dude who looks after the pre-cogs gives Tom Cruise a warning before he sounds the alarm. Same reason as above.
  7. When Tom Cruise says "you set me up!" I.e the single line of dialogue you need to include in your movie if you want me to pay complete attention.
  8. When the old pre-crime lady says "buggered". Hilarious word and underused in Hollywood film.
  9. When the old pre-crime lady just macks Tom Cruise because she wants to.
  10. When the woman faints during the final act watching the murder take place on screen. Hollywood has really overestimated how many people faint irl I think but hey that's the magic of cinema.