Inspired by @ltoiaivao, @erikaaa, @sophiack and obvs @ClickHole
  1. CLICKVENTURE: Can you measure the right amount of pasta for dinner?
    It's just one question and the answer is always 'no'.
  2. BLOG: Inspiring: This NutriBullet owner certain he'll get mad into juice and won't just use it the one time
  3. NEWS: The Westboro Baptist Church are still 'on the fence' about Jennifer Lawrence
  4. BLOG: Wanna feel old? This is what the babies from Rugrats look like now
    It's just pictures of old animation cells scrunched up and thrown in the trash.
  5. LIST: We asked 34 dentists if they've ever pulled out kids teeth because they were tired of feeling nothing
  6. VIDEO: Watch this man try sriracha for the first time
  7. VIDEO: We put a GoPro on a weather vane in a storm and this is what happened
    Video is just a violent spin for ages.