1. Harry Connick Jr.
    Feel like he had a bit part in an American sitcom, maybe Ally McBeal? Approved.
  2. Prince Harry
    Can't stick the Royals and he dressed up like a Nazi that one time for the crack. No chance
  3. Harry Belafonte
    Is he still alive? If he is, I bet he's doing something classy rn. Approved.
  4. Harry Shearer
    Uh yeah great, obvs.
  5. Harry Dean Stanton
    Feel like the lot of a Harry is to have a ruddy old face and I for one can't wait.
  6. Harry Houdini
    Definitely the best Harry.
  7. Harry Styles
    Watched a video where Harry Styles talked about his writing process the other day. It was far from illuminating.