My name is Harry Harris hi.
  1. Looks decorated. Looks like he's seen shit. His smile says 'consummate pro' but his eyes say 'don't send me back there for the love of God'.
  2. Lead singer in a tribute band. Not sure which one but they definitely play a lot of social clubs in London satellite towns.
  3. Not a good enough footballer to warrant that haircut.
  4. This fucker again.
  5. Either a magician or the dead bartender at the Overlook Hotel. In either case, knows a guy who knows a guy who can have you rubbed out, yeah?
  6. Determined to go into the sport of bare knuckle fighting despite clearly not being built for it. Destined to be killed in the ring.
  7. What happened to you man?
  8. Men's Rights Activist. 100%
  9. Bruiser. Hard working defensive mid who leaves it in after he's tackled. Afraid of foreign imports. Smokes 4 cigarillos at half time.
  10. Was an innocent bystander at a crime scene, got interviewed on the news about it, now tells everyone he was on TV once.
  11. *hello darkness my old friend*
  12. Unsung composer. Claims Billy Joel ripped off every good song he ever wrote. Working on a concept album about his own life, assures everyone that concept albums are his idea. Refuses to watch Hamilton and thinks Lin Manuel Miranda is a 'hack'
  13. Whoever this guy is, I don't like him.