1. Isn't it nice to watch TV together?
    We may be in a golden age of telly, but real event TV, the kind that used to snare millions of people in a big unifying experience, so rarely happens anymore - Sherlock is always an exception, and I'm glad of it.
  2. Molly Hooper as a Victorian ❤️
    I adore Molly, and she got the chance to have a bit more fun in this episode. I would have liked more scenes of her.
  3. Freeman and Cumberbatch know how to shout really well
    I get the feeling that proper actor-shouting is probably really hard, but these two are great at is. Andrew Scott too, for that matter. Some great shouts.
  4. It was a bit silly
    But who cares.
    I know a lot gets levelled at Steven Moffatt for his depiction of women, having never seen his Dr Who episodes, I can't really comment. HOWEVER, I can see how 'the suffragettes did it' might stoke a few fires. Don't necessarily agree, quite liked the reveal, didn't quite get the pips thing.
    Very glad they got to film the proper Reichenbach Falls, and indeed, play up to all the existing Sherlocky things they maybe shied away from initially.
  7. 8/10
    All in all, thought it was great fun and did well to set up the rest of the series. Night all.