1. Sazerac from The Sazerac Bar
    Went to New Orleans this year for the first time and one of the main goals was to get this Sazerac. It did not disappoint.
  2. Peanut Bourbon from The Louisiana Food and Beverage Museum
    Again, New Orleans. I adored this museum, you just wander around with a drink looking at cool food things.
  3. The Underwood at Manhattans Project
    My friend Felix invented this Sazerac that uses bone marrow infused cognac and holy shit it's delicious. It's also named after my best mate, who has a shit cancer at the moment (but is bossing it).
  4. Yunnan tea
    Went through a phase of drinking loose leaf tea and being a real truther about it. I was probably very annoying. That said, I got well into smoky teas, Yunnan specifically - not as beefy as Lapsang Souchong but you're in the right ballpark.
  5. Flat white, coffee works project, Angel
    Had this coffee before a job interview for an actual writing job. Thought to myself that if I got said job I'd come here all the time, part of my routine. Did get job! Good luck coffee!
  6. Red wine, post car crash
    Crashed my car in January and it was not a fun experience. I was supposed to be on tour, but had to reschedule a lot. Luckily I did it back home, so could retreat to the arms of my parents. When my mum came back, and after she'd stopped crying, she brought me a big glass of red wine, and it was the most delicious wine I had ever tasted.