Because London is fucking expensive.
  1. Get a bagel from the Brick Lane Bagel Shop
    Honestly if this place ever shuts down that's when I move. If you're around Brick Lane and hungry and don't get a bagel then you've made a grave error
  2. Buy some flowers
    Flowers are cheap, they literally grow in the grouse, buy some flowers man.
  3. Go do some art
    The National Gallery is literally free while Michael Bay still has the gall to charge admission fees for his shitty movies
  4. Gyoza at Borough Market / any street food stall
    Street food is mad expensive for something you need to eat standing up. Gyoza is a smart and delicious choice. King of the dumplings.
  5. Go watch a movie at Peckhamplex
    Peckhamplex is a glorious old South London cinema where every ticket is £4.99 ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Ride the DLR
    Bonus points if you get to sit at the front 🚝🚝🚝
  7. Go to Folkroom Fortnightly at The Harrison in Kings Cross (MAYBE SEE ME?!)
    Every other Wednesday this little basement puts on AMAZING folk / acoustic / songwritery music. It's the best.