1. A farm
    Usually a kid in class has a farm. Easy outing, just drive up and look at a tractor. Fun fact: our farmer was Jimmy Healey who would later come 2nd on BBC Three's "Can Fat Teens Hunt?". Spoiler: they can, but not well.
  2. Folly Farm
    Not to be confused with 'a farm' - this was like a theme park / petting zoo, literally on the side of a road.
  3. Oakwood
    A genuinely quite good theme park that shut down when someone died on one of the rides. Also I have a bad back occasionally which I can trace back to the roller coaster Megafobia. So yeah actually maybe it's quite an awful place?
  4. Dan-yr-Ogof
    Some caves, full of fibre glass models of dinosaurs, and one sabre-toothed tiger (my favourite). Can't remember whether the dinosaurs in question ever lived in said caves.
  5. St Fagans
    Like, a big house, and there's some old fashioned Welsh people there? I think it's a history school trip I.e the shittest ones.
  6. A rugby game
    Highly likely. Maybe for GCSE / 6th form students. Excuse to sneak tins onto the school bus.
  7. A stream
    Literally once went on a school trip to look at a stream.