1. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius. That much is obvious.
  2. I'm so annoyed it didn't exist while I was at Uni because I would have definitely tried to write an essay on it.
  3. (I might still write an essay on it)
  4. (Or like, how it and also Hadestown by Anais Mitchell are good bedfellows / companions?)
    Both quite dense musicals / operas that show how brilliantly songs can communicate a narrative, but also fit into established genres, and seamlessly flip between those genres in one piece. Hadestown = folk, jazz, ragtime, blues, indie. Hamilton = old school hip hop, dirtier hip hop, r 'n' b, soul. You get the picture
  5. Burr has the two best songs in Wait For It and The Room Where It Happened, and if you'll allow, the latter feels a lot like Way Down Hadestown, from the aforementioned.
  6. The Schuyler Sisters are incredible characters - their arc is wonderful and the Helpless / Satisfied one-two punch is a remarkable piece of songwriting.
  7. There are some absolutely wild lyrics in it - some of the raps are flawless, but also, it's all about how Miranda keeps line and themes coming back throughout. I love that.
  9. Musicals, when they're done right, are just breathtaking
  10. Seriously Lin come to London we need to know about the founding fathers