1. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
    Just feel like there's mileage in a story of small town ambition set in Wales, but the semantic field isn't quite as well trodden as America.
  2. Give It Up - KC and the Sunshine Band
    Is this a song about pressuring someone into banging? Is 'all the sex' the 'it' of the title? All conjecture at this point, but I do want to write a song with as great a 'na na na' section as this.
  3. All For Love - Rod Stewart, Sting, Bryan Adams
    Just wanna write a power ballad that could conceivably go over the end of a 90s romantic drama such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Soaring strings, well judged key change.
  4. Zero to Hero - Hercules OST
    Good use of backing singers and multiple parts, also part of a Disney montage.
  5. Round Here - Counting Crows
    Annoyingly I think all my songs are less good versions of Round Here by Counting Crows.