World Tazos were looney toons done up like famous historical figures, you got them in crisps. There was a game, but really the game was just collecting them. Anyway definitive ranking follows.
  1. 20. Elmer Fudd as Vincent Van Gogh
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    Seriously, hasn't Van Gogh suffered enough to be cast as the dingus looney toon? Dude killed himself and they give him Fudd?
  2. 19. Road Runner as Alexander Bell
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    Ok obviously it's Alexander GRAHAM Bell, but that wouldn't fit on a Tazo. Points lost for inaccuracy.
  3. 18. Taz as Cleopatra
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    Um are there no female looney toons?! Does tumblr know about this?!
  4. 17. Tweety Pie as Leonardo Da Vinci
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    I just don't buy Tweety Pie as Da Vinci yknow?
  5. 16. Bugs Bunny as Christopher Columbus
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    Bugs is a fucking smart ass so I can absolutely imagine him rocking up to America and going 'Yep, definitely India'...then saying he shoulda taken that left turn at Albequerque
  6. 15. Taz as Marc Anthony
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    Wait wasn't Taz Cleopatra too? Weird. Too weird.
  7. 14. Road Runner as Sir Isaac Newton
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    This one follows the narrative of the cartoon a bit, but still I really hated Road Runner.
  8. 13. Wile E. Coyote as Albert Einstein
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    Can imagine coyote inventing the atom bomb to destroy road runner's family and friends.
  9. 12. Bugs Bunny as George Washington
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    Bugs sidling in to the rest of the looney toons being like 'guys, why haven't we formed a union yet? Cmon' - can buy it.
  10. 11. Bugs Bunny as William Shakespeare
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    Ugh, again, smart ass, making up words, casting himself. Suck my dick Bugs.
  11. 10. Sylvester as Thomas Edison
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    Dude's a cat. No chance he'd make a lightbulb.
  12. 9. Daffy Duck as Michaelangelo
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    Daddy's slightly manic nature might lend itself to sculpture but hard to tell without a proper knowledge of art history.
  13. 8. Taz as King Arthur
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    Taz would just fucking whirling dervish the stone until Excalibur bust its way out.
  14. 7. Bugs Bunny as Napoleon
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    Did we kill Napoleon? I hope so
  15. 6. Taz as Alfred Nobel
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    Always hated how Taz' family thought he was just a useless mental so glad he's got a position of respect here
  16. 5. Daffy Duck as Julius Caesar
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    Daffy was always a prick so good casting here imo
  17. 4. Taz as Pythagoras
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    Well into this one. Love that Taz is inexplicably good at maths.
  18. 3. Foghorn Leghorn as Orville Wright
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    Foghorn is a very underrated looney toon, so much so he only gets one entry here. Unfair as he'd make a great Paul Bunyan. Can't remember the name of his little owl mate.
  19. 2. Taz as Mozart
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    Taz is getting a lot of the creative types. Subtle commentary on how creativity comes from erratic places?
  20. 1. Taz as Yuri Gagarin
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    Always my favourite because Yuri Gagarin seems like a very odd choice here when Neil Armstrong isn't included.