Me and 5 other guys currently waiting. Removing myself from the ranking.
  1. Old Postman
    He has hardly any hair. He'll be in and out in 10. I think he's mostly here for the chat.
  2. Regular Bloke
    You know those men who just look like men? Nothing particularly interesting. Just like...a bloke. Identikit bloke. He'll be done quickly.
  3. Regular Bloke 2.0
    Same as the other dude but blonde / brown hair. Looks to be tweeting.
  4. Vile Teen with Baseball Cap
    Why don't you pull the cap down he whole way? I don't understand caps.
  5. Bloke in Adventure Time Christmas Jumper and Pug Printed Bobble Hat
    He just asked if he could take an iPhone video of the barbers for a short film he's working on. Death to the west.