My Mum had a Parisian friend, so for a few years we had some pretty cheap holidays to Paris. It's my favourite city. Here's what I remember.
  1. Crepes. Lots of them.
    I was a very fussy eater as a kid but I fucking loved crepes and would seek out the crepe stands, maybe eat 2 or 3 a day.
  2. Breaking a bike in Versailles
    2nd time we visited Paris we did Versailles and hire bikes and cycled around, and it was lovely! I was dinging my bell! Living my best life! And then bam - bell flew off. No more dinging for me.
  3. Holding the gate open on the Metro
    Yeah I didn't know how Metros worked so just thought I'd try and be polite and hold the gate open for my Mum. Turns out: no. Can't do that.
  4. Mum freaking out half way up the Eiffel Tower
    Not great with heights is my Mum, and she's even worse with birds in small spaces - so, when half way up the tower a couple pigeons decided to join us, well, we just came back down.
  5. Airbeds.
    We stayed at a friends' art studio in Vincennes - shout out to Vincennes native and lister @Lisa_Fav - and there was one double bed...for 5 of the kids had air beds that we lay top to tail.
  6. The Fnac in Bastille
    In hindsight Fnac is probably just a regular record shop but to a kid from mid-Wales, it was like Mecca - I bought This Desert Life by Counting Crows, which up til that point I couldn't find - and listened to it in our tiny apartment and it was great
  7. The Rodin Museum
    Dudes. The Rodin Museum is hot. Go to the Rodin Museum next time you're in Paris.
  8. My brother told me his first crush
    Up til this point my brother and I talked about football, music, and the Simpsons - BUT I'll always remember Paris as the place where my bro first said he found a girl cute. That girl? Norah Jones. They never got together.
  9. "puis j'avoire une cornetto soft sil vous plait"
    The sentence I used the most because I was full jonesing for cornetto softs. The cute girl giving out the cornetto softs said my French was very good, the beginning of a life long inability of me to spot flirting when it is happening in my face.
  10. Disneyland: pissing it down
    Seriously. It was the only rainy day we had, and it fucking *rained*
  11. ...and getting lost.
    I was in a thing as Disneyland, I think the 20,000 Leagues exhibit, and I was bored so looked for the exit - "SORTIE" - alas, I ducked out the fire exit, so was, in fact, outside the park, alone, with no phone. I had to jimmy my way through a gap in the wall back into the park. Styled it out.