Inspired by that bit in Master Of None where Rachel reveals her 'Shazam for Trees' idea that I would 100% use
  1. Coats
    I've been seeing dudes wearing nice, kinda waxy looking coloured raincoats, and feel like I could pull off that look. Would mean me taking many clandestine photographs of dudes. Price worth paying for a better wardrobe.
  2. Shoes
    Similar to above. I'm shit at buying shoes, and never know where the good ones hang out. Boots are a particular source of chagrin.
  3. Relish
    For when you're eating a great sandwich that involves a nice relish / chutney and you're like "damn, that's some fine relish / chutney". Practically I don't know how this would work.
  4. Actors
    So you don't have to go "Oh HIM. From that...THING. He was in...Aah what was it?" For 20 minutes before giving up and checking IMDb. It's usually always the Dad from That 70s Show anyway.
  5. Bags
    Hey, guys with cool clothes, where do you get your clothes?
  6. Denzel Washington Movies
    This would be a kinda reverse Shazam that scanned your psyche and recommended the correct Denzel Washington movie for your mood. Yes there is a Denzel Washington movie for every mood.