1. 0-3 years old
    Golden years, these. My mum tells me that once a total stranger came up to tell her what nice eyes I had. Can only assume I wanted to be a male model.
  2. 3-6 years old
    My Dad was a technology teacher and generally was always good at building stuff, proper Dad stuff like. I think this made me think 'inventor' was a viable career path.
  3. 6-11 years old
    My football years. I was a goalie for my school, and actually, not bad. So, goalkeeper for Arsenal and Wales was the main goal at this point.
  4. 12-15 years old
    Football got replaced with music, and I - presumably in an event to keep my virginity for as long as possible - took up the mandolin. Session mandolin player / the next Chris Thile, then.
  5. 15-18 years old
    Realised my initial mistake, bought a guitar. Folk sensation was the path I obviously thought I was headed in, confused why labels weren't heading to mid-Wales to see me play. Having recently read back on my early songs, I now understand why this was.
  6. 19-22 years old
    Moved to uni, started watching loads of films and, like everyone I knew, writing scripts. Nothing ever got made, nothing really ever got finished, but for a while i wanted to be a screenwriter. Might revisit this.
  7. 23-25 years old
    Started writing articles for various places, took sort of an equal billing with music, figured I could make a fair fist of journalism.