Related: I am hungover
  1. Train
    I am writing this hungover on a train. People are talking, kids are here, things are going by really fast and my laptop just died.
  2. Work
    Certain camaraderie that occurs when you're hungover at work but it's still a nightmare. Plentiful access to tea / coffee / toast helps.
  3. Oxford Street
    Burn Oxford Street to the ground. Bad when you're sober, unbearable when you're hungover.
  4. Funeral
    Never experienced this but can't imagine it's a laugh.
  5. Someone else's house
    Waking up with a hangover coupled with the fact that you're miles from home and can't take a 2 hour sad bath immediately is a very specific circle of hell.
  6. Children's party! 😣
    Suggested by @DawnCloud