I love this list request by @Robinski because a) it lets me imagine us hanging out which would be epic & b) I can list alcohols and that's never not fun
  1. Tequila!
    I'm awkward for the first 36 minutes of any interaction so to break the ice I'd suggest doing shots
  2. Any variation on a gin & tonic
    Like with fruits or cucumbers or in a hipster mason jar - if it's gin and tonic water I'll drink 6 of it.
  3. Rosé Sangria
    In this version it's the summer and we're sitting on a terrace being fabulous and eating nachos!
  4. Mojito
    We've been sitting on the same terrace for hours & we want to switch it up. I have zero regard for the "don't mix alcohols" rule.
  5. Bloody Caesar
    When we meet up 6 months later at a cozy steakhouse for drinks and order every appetizer. I had the one in the picture last week it was an amazing experience.
  6. Cosmopolitan
    For when we have a major Mindian Meetup and want to channel Sex & The City
  7. A Seven & Seven with 8 maraschino cherries & sugar on the rim
    I've never had a Kelly Kapoor & you'd be the perfect person to have one with!
  8. Margaritas
    For when we go to the beach
  9. Piña Colada
    See beach & disregard for mixing alcohols
  10. I'm sure there's more drinks but oh well I'll just be basic.