1. Oh, a stray hair, let me get that
  2. Wait OMG there are so many strays
  3. How did no one tell me all week I had Bigfoot on my face
  4. Pluck
  5. I should've removed my brow makeup probably
  6. Pluck
  7. Oh shit I think that one wasn't a stray
  8. Pluck
  9. Let me even out the other side
  10. Pluck
  11. What have I done?!
  12. Ok I won't touch it anymore lets just clean the middle
  13. Pluck
  14. Aaaah those weren't supposed to get pulled
  15. Maybe if I brush it I'll look normal again?
  16. Nope holy fuck it looks worst
  17. Ill just draw them back on
  18. And I'll let them grow out all month I promise
  19. *repeat one week later*