Today is national sibling day and I can't help but get cheesy with it cause I love @johannasamuels so damn much.
  1. She has seriously good taste
    In everything! She is always turning me onto good movies, music, TV, perfume scents, dog breeds, secret cheap nail salons that are top notch etc.
  2. Her talents constitute their own list. And then some!
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    She can hear a song and sit down at the piano and play it. She is a dog whisperer. She's a crazily talented artist and graphic designer. She writes honest beautiful songs that make me and other fans cry. She can mouth what you're saying without knowing what you're going to say which leads me to perhaps her greatest talent. She is one of few who can make me pee my pants laughing.
  3. She's highly theatrical.
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    She used to lie under the piano and blast the soundtrack to A Beautiful Mind and pretend she was solving mathematical equations in her head. She gets. In. Character.
  4. Mama Mia! She fine as hell!
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    Not to be superficial... But like hi ur hot! U sure we r related??
  5. She gets me.
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    And vice versa.
  6. She has her own gear so I can express my fandom and rep all the time.
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  7. We've been through some dark stuff and times, and I would venture to say we have been each other's saviors. At least she has been mine. And we always laugh together to heal.
  8. She has no idea how great she really is.
    So she's not like super annoying about it.
  9. We have sacred magic sister bond and it's the best thing.
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