Done em all bb
  1. Falling down (or up) stairs
    In 10th grade my friend Sonya tripped going up stairs on a very crowded staircase during passing period. She landed on her knees and to save face immediately started pretending to pray.
  2. Banana peel slip on ice (shouts 2 my east coasters) or recently mopped floors (this is 4 u west coasters)
  3. Waving to someone but they're waving at someone else.
  4. Skirt/dress tucked into underwear in back
    This happened to me ONCE in high school and now I'm dealing with a lasting phobia
  5. Toilet paper stuck to shoe
    So classic! I don't really get why it's embarrassing but trust me it's soul crushing.
  6. Getting your period on your crushes white couch