Spoiler alert it's a combo of weird secrets and dumb screenshots
  1. From the dmv website
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  2. More like Kristina Blazerman
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    I want her to be my wife and my mom but not at the same time
  3. PDF of my W2
  4. ... ;)
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  5. ❤️❤️❤️
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  6. She's like me but smarter, funnier, hotter, cooler name spelling, etc.
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  7. Pic of my boob when my nipple was pierced
    This is a historical document of my former bravery and badassery. Sorry I hurt you tho boobie!
  8. @mollygarber and @puddle having a shame spiral
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  9. PDF of my entire medical history
    Boring and a mild bummer
  10. Cory being perfect & my idol
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    HOW could the judges eliminate him 😭
  11. Moms imogen heap ringtone debacle
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  12. Pic of my therapist playing guitar
    Facebook stalked him. Did not add him. Picture not included for his sake but trust me he looks awesome.
  13. This one speaks for itself.
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