(If I was a bug)
  1. Praying mantis
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    Hot because they're not trying to *be* anyone else. Unapologetically themselves, and that is a sexy quality in a bug.
  2. Bee
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    Bees are pretty basic in their hotness, but if I was a bee Id def slam one of the boy bees bc it would probably be empowering to break off a guys D/kill him. Long live the matriarchy! bees are hot!
  3. Moth
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    Not to draw on stereotypes but moths are hot as F and not that smart :/ would slam but probably no relationship there
  4. This variety of spider which is called the sunglasses emoji spider
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    Cool & hot
  5. Stick bug*
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    That great bug you never really noticed until after high school/college but you run into them at a bug bar and u finally bang that bug *relationship material
  6. Picasso bug
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    So full of themselves and obnoxious but let's face it this is a bangin bug
  7. Ladybug
    Lady in the trees, on fire between the sheets.
    Suggested by @EricElkins