I'm waiting for back surgery and this is a list of my friends who have supported me along the way!
  1. Gevork from Uber
    Has a great name, a law degree, and a newborn baby. Helped me hoist my broken body out of the car and carried my electric blanket all the way to my mom's doorstep. Five stars and also I love you, Gevork.
  2. Chris from postmates
    Chris has a special way about him. He gently broke the news to me about no broccoli soup, then helped me pick up the pieces after my world crashed down around me. Chris- you make me feel safe when I'm scared. You're my guy : )
  3. Pierre from postmates
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    Pierre...pierre...pierre.. Where to begin. Brains. Beauty. Intensity. Depth. A super hot postmate who I could just tell really liked my pajamas and the way I limped to the gate to get my order. The insane amount of extra side bread that I didn't ask for with the salad I ordered was such a sly sexy move. Pierre- thanks for stopping by ; )