1. Class is cancelled
    Especially morning class. I think I miss college 90% because this was the most 💃 part of it for me.
  2. Park at destination right as the song ends
    Double 💃 if it's the last song on the album or playlist
  3. Wake up one minute before the alarm goes off
    Not having to hear the blaring noise of the alarm makes me feel so 💃.
  4. The shampoo and conditioner run out at the same time
    Also applies to hummus and chips
  5. My mom makes up my bed with sheets fresh from the drier
    Love a freshly made bed regardless, but having to make it up myself takes a lot of the 💃 out of it for me. And some things are just so much better when your mom does them for you.
  6. A nice heathy poop
    Sorry, but you know it's true.
  7. $5 and $10 extrabucks coupon at cvs
    $1 doesn't make the cut. Just not substantial enough of a discount. I've never gotten the $20 coupon but I can't imagine how 💃 it would make me.
  8. String of consecutive green lights
    So rare in LA it's a goddamn blessing when it happens (at like 4 in the morning in Santa Monica only). Happens all the time in nyc but still very 💃.
  9. You meet tiny salsa lady in person 💃
    Suggested by @johannasamuels