I have a debilitating sitch going on with my back and while I wait to get spine surgery I have made some totally unplanned big changes
  1. Smoking
    I have been a committed smoker for six+ solid years, but when standing up/walking outside got really difficult I just....stopped smoking? Such an anticlimactic quitting experience.
  2. Coffee
    Too much trouble/movement involved in getting the beans! This will be the first thing I reclaim when I get my life back though.
  3. Driving
    Didn't know it was possible to to not drive in LA but a couple things: nothing makes the pain worse than driving, doctor says it's something about nerves getting irritated? Also Percocet + driving = homie you're gonna drift off the road
  4. Having my nose pierced
    I don't even know. The pain meds make my nose itch so I took it out?
  5. Birth control
    Waaaayyy too much trouble/movement involved with refilling my scrip also not rly necessary...see # 5
  6. Sex
    Getting laid is pretty much physically impossible right now.
  7. Shaving my legs
    Trying to get into an impossible position while wielding a razor.. Pass.
  8. My job
    Technically I still have a job (I'm on medical leave) but my job involves lifting large children, and I can't come back until I'm medically cleared to do that kind of thing. So I'm guessing that will be never.