We spent today binge watching BCS and I had no way of anticipating how vocally disruptive he would be. These are direct quotes.
  1. Mike is one cold mother fucker and we love him so much!!!
    Have to agree with him on this
  2. You seein this?
  3. You watchin?
    Attention police
  4. Eyes up
    I'm looking straight at the screen not sure what more I could do.
  5. Roll it back
  6. Stop the tape.
  7. Do you like it?
    After compulsively watching 8 episodes in a row together...so yes I like it.
  8. And pull back.
    Narrating the dramatic last shot as the camera pulls back.
  9. And just like that BCS has gone from a doofy ass show to some heavy ass shit.
    As mike is crying to his daughter in law
  10. Mike found All the money
    As mike finds all the money.
  11. He returns the 30 thousand
    Right as he returns the 30 thousand
  12. The kettlemans!
    Anytime the kettlemans are on screen.