This is my sacred regimen go a post cray weekend or vacay #fitspo #health #detox
  1. Weigh - yes you need to see the brutal truth.
  2. Make happy water - drink on all week. Ingredients: 1 jug dispenser, 1 container of strawberries sliced, 3 lemons and 1 cucumber thinly sliced, grated fresh ginger, basil.
    Fill water to top of jug and keep in fridge and refill when getting low.
  3. Clean Diet - For breakfast: smoothies, chia pudding w/ fruit, egg whites and veggies.
    Lunch: salad with protein, veggies and protein. Dinner: ". "
  4. Amp up the cardio - Cardio all 5 days, legs one day, arms one day, abs one day
  5. Hot Yoga - sweat out excess toxins!
  6. Meditate - it's good to get your mind right and back on track
  7. Get 8 hours of shut eye