Common Reactions to My Name

Oh, the perks of not being named something like Chloe.
  1. "Heya Haya! Hahahaha"
    After cracking themselves up, they sober up and say, "Sorry, you probably get that all the time", while stifling another giggle.
  2. Heyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaa *wiggling spirit fingers*
    Thanks for releasing that song when I was 11, Outkast. You really made my night at the school disco.
  3. "Is it Hi-ya?"
    No. It's Hay-a. Exactly how it looks. It's two syllables, you have a fifty-fifty at getting it right, and you still get it wrong. You wouldn't pronounce William as "will-i-am", would you? Unless you're in the Black Eyed Peas.
  4. "It's nice to meet you, Maya."
    I've been called this so many times that I may as well legally change my name.
  5. "Heya!"
    This is actually when someone is calling out to someone else but I turn around because I think they're talking to me. This is why I don't turn around unless you say "Haya, I'm talking to you! Why aren't you turning around?!"
  6. People don't believe it's actually your name
    I texted a friend for the first time and they texted back "who's this?" I sent "Haya", and they replied "yeah, hi, but who's this?" That's one way to find out you've got the wrong number. Or she was pretending not to know me.