1. The Mechanical Pencil. Roll up a small cheat sheet and store it where the lead is meant to be.
  2. The Cheat Booklet. Make it small. (I recommend size 7.5pt font)
  3. The Gum Wrapper. Create a tiny cheat sheet and wrap it around a stick of gum and then put it back in the pack.
  4. The Water Bottle. Remove the label of a water bottle, scan it and then replace the text with the cheat notes
  5. The Texas Instrument. Go to program and select "New" and then store your notes and then select "Enter" It's that easy.
  6. The Rubber Eraser. Using an x-acto knife cut out a small piece of your eraser. Place a cheat sheet in the cut out and then place the piece back on top.
  7. The Bait and Switch. This only works those few times you are able to get your hands on the test prior to the day of
  8. The Rubber Band. You must write while the rubber band is stretched out.