1. Crying at movies people don't usually cry at.
  2. Photoshopping penises in people's mouths.
  3. Letting all my produce in my refrigerator go bad, even when I promise myself I'm going to be healthy and eat it.
  4. Losing my keys, license, and debit card
  5. Drinking
  6. Enchanting men that are out of my league.
  7. Taking short showers, I'm environmentally conscious
  8. Misinterpreting jokes that weren't jokes and pity laughing as loud as possible because you think about times you didn't get a laugh at your jokes and how it made you feel so you let it out from the pits of your diaphragm and embarrassing yourself and family because IT WASNT A JOKE just an illy delivered statement
  9. Self diagnosing illnesses, do you know how many of my friends have had Ebola and wouldn't of never known if I didn't tell them?
  10. Football