The Worst People in the World

U know at least 1
  1. People who post weight loss progress on Facebook everyday.
    Do it for yo self, not the like.
  2. People who have an iPhone 4
    BUT disregard their upgrade AND shit on other people with iPhone 5's, 6's saying "mine does everything I need it to do" "I wouldn't know what to do with allllllllll those features"
  3. People who call you out on not washing your hands.
  4. People, while you are eating, tell you that what your eating is disgusting.
    I fucking like it, okay? THATS WHY IM EATING IT
  5. People who grab food off YOUR plate before the server even puts the plate down in front of YOU.
    Come on, that's ridiculous.
  6. Anyone who owns a ferret.
    They smell, they look like a cat fucked a snake and they smell. They also smell. Did I mention they smell.
  7. Jared from Subway
  8. People who are the last to use the toilet paper but don't completely finish it and leave that little paper square on the roll and don't replace it
  9. A roommate that drinks to excess and trashes the apartment.
    I'm actually that roommate, sorry guys.
  10. Donald Trump