(in no specific order...)
  1. Bay brought a shitload of food
  2. The hairy guy in the truck..
  3. Passing the stadium aka my home
  4. Glowing shirts in Laff Track
  5. Fun house mirrors!
  6. "Are those fish supposed to be in there?"
  7. "Wait, is this a bridge?"
  8. The geese ruling the prairie dogs
  9. The female duck with a severe preference for her mate
  10. "Whoa, you guys are LIT!"
  11. When someone threw up on Laff Track and we had to wait for them to clean it up....
  12. Laff Track the second time around, where we tried to keep people out of line after they'd already exited
  13. Literally 2 minutes after the sun came out, the rides opened again!
  14. Walking to the deserted boardwalk with Bay to see what kind of ice cream they (didn't) have
  15. Sydney's never-ending need for barbecue chicken
  16. Layne actually listening to me when I told him to go away
  17. Erin riding (and enjoying) her first roller coasters, albeit them being wooden
  18. Madi and Bogey broke up whoops
  19. Subway was out of fucking bread I JUST WANTED FOOD
  20. Bay didn't get her kettle corn :(
  21. Zoo America looking for the slushies..
  22. The adorable wolf in Zoo America that acted just like a dog
  23. Buying a stuffed animal version of said wolf
  24. Finally finding the make-your-own-slushie place and asking which cup held more and how to even open the damn things