On the Internet, of course
  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook "recently added" friends (sneaky)
  3. Instagram
  4. Instagram tagged photos
  5. If you follow them, try to see what pics they like. Then stalk those pics.
  6. Find them on Spotify
  7. Listen to their created and following playlists
  8. Become their friend on Spotify and listen to whatever song they're listening to WHILE THEY'RE LISTENING TO IT
    (real-time stalking)
  9. Find their old MySpace profile
  10. Find their soundcloud
  11. Twitter
  12. Favorited tweets
  13. Find their tumblr
  14. Find their other tumblr
  15. Find their linkedin
  16. Find their portfolio
    (if they're a creative type)
  17. Find their employers website
    Just to see what's up