1. Boswell the Labrador
    Beloved Labrador. Also called "bozzy" and "fat boy." Often tried to jump on beds but would hit mattress and bounce back. RIP
  2. Yorgi the Corgi
    Non beloved Corgi. Originally belonged to my grandmother who had named her "Crescendo". When my grandmother died, my grandfather put the dog in a taxi to our house. We changed her name to yorgi the corgi. My little brother and I once tried to remove her voice box and when that didn't work we tried to drown her in the pool and we got grounded. If she's reading this now, Yorgi I'm sorry.
  3. Joey the horse
    Appaloosa quarter horse. "Exclusive Go" was his show name but I hated that and called him Joey. My brothers used to call him "Elmer" and said they would send him to the glue factory.
  4. Marvin the turtle
    A regular turtle. Pretty boring. When I was in 4th grade, his cage got infested with weird bugs and I "donated" him to the Kindergarten class.
  5. Tyler the rabbit
    I named him after my brother's friend who I had a crush on. He went through puberty (the rabbit, not the friend) and no one could hold him bc he'd bite anything. My dad had to put on rubber kitchen gloves to pick him up and let him run around the yard. He bit my face and the next morning I was told his "cage got knocked over in the wind" (I found out 3 years ago he was given to the gardeners)