A list of questions every interviewer will ask the cast of Hamilton

  1. So Lin, you took this 800 page Alexander Hamilton biography with you on VACATION!?
    Yes he did because he's a GENIUS why are you just now getting this!?
  2. Did you know anything about (insert character name) before you got this part?
    Answer: Nope.
  3. How does it feel to be Tony nominated?
    With 16 nominations, they're bound to be interviewing a nominee! And said nominee will always be humbled and grateful.
  4. If you could play another role in the show/sing another song other than yours, what would it be?
    Note: Unless it's Leslie Odom, Jr it will *always* be "Wait For It"
  5. What's it like working with Lin?
    "Amazing." "Magical." "Fantastic." "Empowering." Basically, he's the best boss in the world and we would all give our right arms to work with him forever.
  6. Will there be a Hamilton movie??
    Let me stop you there, interviewer. Here's how it will go down: Lin will enthusiastically respond "Yes!" And when you ask "When?!" He'll say "Not any time soon. Hamilton was written as a stage production, I want as many people to see it in its original context as possible before they ever see it on screen."
  7. Can you get me tickets to the show?
    No, no they can't. Wait your turn like everyone else.